Heather and Greyson

One of the huge perks of living in Beijing is the ex-pat community, it's seriously unlike anything I've ever known and I am pretty sure the ex-pat population world-wide is the fastest growing population. Er at least that's what I remember from this TED talk...So there are many ex-pats living here and they all bring great goodies from home and sometimes when they leave, they start selling those goodies or if they're super amazing, they just start giving things away to their friends. And my-oh-my is Heather amazing...She gave us SO much baby stuff from when Greyson was a baby. I'm super sad she's moving to Portland but her pile of baby goodies certainly will help us when our little one arrives.

So to say Thank-you to her, we spent an evening after school strolling around their complex and capturing some last moments in this place they will no longer call home. A great way for Greyson and Heather to recall their time in Beijing.

I hope that when they look back on these images they remember their time here fondly! Heather and Greyson, Beijing will miss you but there are amazing days ahead in Portland!

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